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— St. Paul Area Association of Realtors (SPAAR)

I have served on city council with Andrea for the past four years. She cares about what happens in our community and has worked incredibly hard on behalf of residents. She is smart and knowledgeable on the issues and she doesn’t back down from a challenge. I’ve been on city council for 16 years and I’ve found Andrea to be one of the sharpest, most competent people I’ve served with. I wholeheartedly support her because I know she will do what’s right for residents, no matter the issue. She has my trust and she has my vote. — Amy Scoggins

It's time to get your ballot choices in order. Two City Council positions are on the ballot in Woodbury, and I encourage your vote for Andrea Date. Re-electing Andrea Date to the City Council ensures the continuity of thoughtful, informed leadership for our City. Andrea Date is a graduate of Carleton College and worked as a Planning Director for the MN DNR. Water quality issues are a headline in our community, and Andrea Date is an expert on water management issues. She currently serves on the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BSWR) for the State of MN. There is no better voice for our community on water issues than Andrea Date. Water is just one of the issues Andrea Date has demonstrated outstanding leadership. She responsibly led initiatives for our City on many fronts. Her record is exemplary. Conversations, and actions, on the health of our community have been a keystone for Andrea Date. She and Council member Morris have held public conversations and listening sessions to hear from and engage citizens in the issues of inclusion and community health. There is work to be done here, and Andrea Date is leading the way! I'm supporting Andrea Date with my vote for Woodbury City Council and respectfully ask that you also support her as the best voice (and leader) for Woodbury.
— JoAnn Ward

I'm asking my Woodbury friends to join me in voting to re-elect Andrea Date to the City Council. Andrea is currently finishing her first term on the Woodbury City Council. I first became aware of her when I watched City Council meetings on video. She proved to be smart, informed and worked well with other councilmembers and staff. She contributed and served as a stable force on the council. As I got to know her personally, my favorable impression grew. She is a graduate of Carlton College and worked as a Planning Director at the Department of Natural Resources. She has expertise on water management issues and was appointed by Governor Walz to serve on the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BSWR). As we know, the quality of our water has been a serious concern recently (which the City appears to have resolved). She and Councilmember Morris have been hosting equity and inclusion discussions in the community. I applaud their efforts. Andrea is a very forward looking person. I find that we agree on many, many issues. I feel that she would represent those of us who are forward looking quite well. Andrea Date has done a great job on the Woodbury Council during her first term. I believe she is very worthy of one of our two votes. — Anthony Tedesco

Committee to Re-elect Andrea Date.
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