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Policing and Public Safety

Since I was elected in 2017, I have supported our Public Safety Department in common sense reforms. During my tenure, Woodbury officers started using body cameras, we built a state-of-the-art training center (, our Public Safety dept. established a multi-cultural advisory committee, and we established a city-wide strategic initiative focused on public safety in Woodbury. 

It's a start, but we need to do more. The tragic death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers has brought to life systematic problems that must be addressed. Through our Public Safety strategic initiative, we need to better understand how our policing is perceived by and impacts people of color, and we need to recognize our own biases so we can work to overcome them. We also need to continue working towards becoming a more welcoming and open community to all of our residents. I'm here to listen and learn. All ideas are on the table, and I want to work with our community to learn what we can do better.

I also want to acknowledge how fortunate we are in Woodbury to have such dedicated and passionate police officers. Woodbury Police Officers wear and use video cameras, they use de-escalation and minimal use of force techniques, and they practice community policing. They treat people with respect and dignity. We will continue to make positive change for this community because our police officers recognize it is needed and are committed to doing it.

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