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Parks and Trails

Ask just about any Woodbury resident what they love about Woodbury and they'll likely tell you it's the parks and trails. It's one of the major reasons my family chose Woodbury, too! Our parks, trails, and other recreation facilities are a huge part of what brings us together as a community. They provide natural exercise, wellness opportunities, and boost our property values. 

As our city ages, paying for the long-term maintenance and replacement of these facilities will be a challenge. I'm working with the city and fellow council members now to plan for this inevitable need, so we can always maintain the high-quality network of parks, trails, and recreation facilities that our city is known for.

When I was first elected to Council, I noticed new development was lacking the same abundance of local parks as older developments. It turns out we didn't have a great plan in place for parks and recreation in our new development areas. One of my first accomplishments on Council was to ensure the planning for parks and trails is done in conjunction with new development. We do this through a citywide parks and trails master plan and through planned unit developments (PUDs) that allow us to set aside land for parks as development occurs.

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