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You won't find that I'm "settled" on any issue. I believe the role of a wise politician is to take into account all of the information sources available, hear from all sides, conduct independent research, and then come to terms that result in the greatest net positive impact. I consider myself a true moderate who takes pride in my ability to "put myself in someone else's shoes" and see all sides of an issue. Below are my thoughts on some critical issues facing Woodbury. I approach these as a conversation starter, and hope to have an open dialogue with my fellow citizens of Woodbury in how best to approach them.

Responses to the East Metro Voter Guide.


Ensuring the long-term quality and quantity of drinking water in Woodbury remains one of my highest priorities. (Read More)

Policing and Public Safety

I believe in a police force that serves with compassion, treats every individual with respect and dignity, and honors the sanctity of human life. 

I support a policing and Public Safety Department that screens applicants for empathy and integrity, provides de-escalation training that minimizes the use of force, promotes a culture where officers are expected and applauded for speaking out against unjust policing behavior, and where officers are held accountable for wrong and illegal actions.


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Development and Re-development

Over the next few years our city will see rapid development in the southern part of Woodbury and will be fully developed before long. We established a great plan for this development, and I aim to see the plan followed through. It is important; however, we maintain flexibility, so we are able to adapt to our changing needs and lifestyle expectations.

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Parks and Trails

Woodbury has an amazing parks and trails system. These parks and trails allow our children to enjoy unstructured playtime, provide ample exercise and commuting opportunities, and increase property values. I will always be an advocate for our parks and trails system.

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